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Published:Saturday | July 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Sharon Williams
Mexine Bisasor
Angela Francis
Mackie Conscious
Henzel Cameron
Suzzette O'Conner

Do you consider the annual staging of Reggae Sumfest an integral part of your summer experience, if so, why, and if not, why not?


Mexine Bisasor, media personality

"Yes, I do consider Reggae Sumfest an integral part of my summer experience. For one, the camaraderie of being in the same place with sponsors, patrons, colleagues, and friends for an extended period is awesome. The entertainment package is usually quite good.

Henzell Cameron, entrepreneur

Reggae Sumfest is a staple in our summer experience. It is something many persons look forward to annually. It is integral in the summer tourist pull, which has proven to be quite beneficial to the economy in western Jamaica.

Sharon Williams, cosmetologist

As the popular saying goes, the 'summer belongs to Sumfest'. It is something the people in Montego Bay look forward to every year. In addition to the rich entertainment, it brings a lot of financial benefits to our city and Jamaica, by extension.

Angella Francis, hotel worker

I have only been to Reggae Sumfest one time ... and to be honest, I never really liked it. However, I know it is very good for Jamaica. It attracts many tourists to the island, so it is beneficial to the economy.

Mackie Conscious, artiste/musician

It is the ultimate reggae festival in Jamaica. It brings a variety of Jamaican and international music and performers together. I am also looking forward to meeting and greeting other artistes ... . It is a wonderful event.

Suzzette O'Conner, educator

In the past, Sumfest was an integral part of my summer experience; however, with added responsibilities, it has become less affordable. Nonetheless, I think it contributes significantly to Jamaica's economy ... . Its rippling effect benefits the small man such as taxi operators and craft vendors.