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Vox Pop | Western Focus highlights comments relating to the agro-tourism linkage that have been made by key stakeholders in tourism over the last few years.

Published:Monday | April 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Former Tourism Minister Wykeham McNeill:

"We need to be frank because when you go out on the street and talk to a number of Jamaicans, they express the fact that they do not feel the impact of tourism. For you to have a sustainable tourism sector, the Jamaican people have to feel a part of the development of tourism, the planning of tourism, and would have to reap the benefits of tourism.

- November 2014

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett:

"We have to make sure everybody understands that tourism is inclusive and is not for a select few. The little man has as much right as the big man and should be given every chance to get his share of the pie."

- December 2016

Tourism Linkages Council Chairman, Adam Stewart:

"We must focus our attention on the imperative of harnessing the full benefits of the sector to the domestic economy."

- January 2017

Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association President Omar Robinson:

"Farm tourism is growing rapidly, and a number of countries have been catching on. By diversifying their businesses, farmers can tap into this niche market by earning foreign exchange while at the same time increasing consumption of their local produce."

- May 2016