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2010 prophecies (Pt 2)

Published:Sunday | January 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The word of the Lord through Apostle Steve Lyston, Bishop Doris Hutchinson, Prophetess Sophia Kerr-Dawes, Pastor Michelle Lyston and Minister Nadra Brotherton.

1. For those nations, companies, Church and businesses that have robbed God, the poor, the fatherless and the widow, many will be exposed and many will be bankrupt. For many of the influential persons worldwide are involved in money laundering, drugs, gun and crime. "For I shall bring them to Justice says the Lord of host, I shall expose the big and powerful, top leaders, and professional bank leaders. And even places where you thought your wealth was hidden, I shall expose (Obadiah 6 - 9).

2. There will be major outbreak of plague and viruses in the year 2010. Ten dangerous plagues will hit the world that they have never seen. Many will die. God is calling on the United Nations, Red Cross, World Health Organi-sation and all other such organisations and ministries to deal with things and put plans in place. (Exodus 7 -12). There will be an outbreak of an unknown disease in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and within the Lesser Antilles.

3. The Lord is about to expose a link in Jamaica among the politicians, business leaders, government officials and bankers that is going to surprise the nation. This exposure is going to result in resignations of high-ranking officials.

4. There will be major church and political splits; splits also in administrations and marriages because they have failed to obey God. (Proverbs 8 and 9) Business ventures will fail in Jamaica and other nations.

5. Health insurance, hazard and other insurance will have problems. Some will go out of existence if they are not prepared to deal with the challenge ahead of what will impact the world.

6. God is calling on His people to be careful how they invest their money. Be wise, seek His face. There are great deceptions coming, greater than before to deceive you out of your savings. Pray in tongues as never before!

7. Six countries around the world will see drastic changes. God is calling on His people to constantly cry out for souls to be saved and sinners to received deliverance because they will be serious cosmic changes. Something is happening with the sun. Pray against disaster.

8. Pray for the North Pole and Antarctica as there are serious melting taking place which will cause tsunami, typhoon, and other disasters. Scientists will be confused and they will have their hands full. But if they seek God's holy servants for the solution, they will be saved.

9. The Lord is not pleased with some of the leading churchmen in Jamaica, many are silently weeping, they are more committed to themselves and politics than to God. "They have lied to my people," says the Lord, "and because of this many of my people have backslidden and many are weeping." Many will be weeping, but it will be too late.

10. 31. Pray for TM, PP, PSM, MLC, DL, NY, LH, OBG, DV (Snr), DV(Jr), DM, MG, DP, FE, JR, (all Jamaican) BO and family (USA), HC (Venezuela), MaG (Libya), GB (United Kingdom), MB (Chile) because many of them are ill in mind and body and from time to time have opposed ME and MY PRO-PHETS! For thus saith the Lord: I SHALL MOVE UPON THEM HEAVILY!

11. Major disasters for New Guinea and New Delhi, Pakistan, South Korea, Alabama, Washing-ton, DC; New Jersey, Long Island - New York, Man-hattan - New York, Jamaica, Iran and Iraq for My hand is heavy upon them! There will be earthquake in Thailand measuring approximately 7.4 on the Richter scale.

12. There will be major changes in 2010 with the political administration and business leaders. Only those who understand times and seasons - as in I Chronicles 12: 32 - will know what to do. (Ecclesiastics 3)

13. Major attack is being planned for a major United Kingdom (UK) city - catastrophe. The Lord is calling for tighter security throughout the UK and subways worldwide. Pray for the entire city of New York. Security needs to be tightened. Cargo coming into the US needs to be thoroughly searched. Major disasters are in effect for North Korea, Istanbul, Chile, Ecuador and Alabama.

14. Turf wars will increase in Jamaica and the security forces will have quite a challenge on their hands.