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Scrap exporters must police industry

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

The National Water Commission and industries in our country are plagued by thieves involved in the scrap-metal industry. In response to these thefts, we have the usual predictable reaction from those in charge.

Minister of Industry Karl Samuda, and Minister of Agriculture Christopher Tufton have threatened to, or called for it (scrap-metal industry) to be shut down.

I believe the onus should be placed on the exporters of scrap metal to police themselves. It should be the law that scrap-metal dealers are required to keep records and identify every seller; and that they monitor and inspect the scrap metal that comes into their yards. In the event they suspect scrap to be stolen, the seller must be identified and reported to the police.

If scrapyards are found to be in possession of metal that is stolen and being sold, the managers and the scrap company should be subject to a fine and imprisonment and/or the loss of their licences to export scrap metal. The managers and supervisors should be banned from ever being employed again in the scrap business.

The fear of loss of licence and employment in the scrap-metal sector will result in a decline in theft. With the history of this Government's legislative track record, I doubt we will ever see legislation to combat theft in the scrap-metal sector any time soon.

I am, etc.,