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You've got gas (cheap)!

Published:Sunday | January 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Amitabh Sharma, Features Coordinator


INFORMATION ON where to get the cheapest gas might just be a text message away.

"High gas prices were sticking us up," said Ingrid Riley, CEO and founder of Connectimass, a digital marketing company. The 'techie' came up with the novel idea of providing information on the lowest prices at the pumps.

"In fact, it was almost like we [my friends and I] were competing for who had the sweetest story to tell whenever we met up."

She said, however, conversations were oftentimes centred on the burning issue of high fuel prices.

So, the idea was born.

"One evening I came up with a name, Cheapest Gas Jamaica, created a mini logo, and tag line 'Know Where to Buy and Save'," Riley said.

"I set up a Facebook Fan Page, added a custom page for email newsletter sign-up, set up a Twitter page and then set up the text-in keywords and promotion on my SMS system at home," she continued.

Cheapest Gas Jamaica was launched on Friday. The service can be accessed by texting GAS to 895-4702.

Those on Facebook can sign up by adding their email addresses on the Cheapest Gas Jamaica's fan page.


Subscribers will receive a weekly newsletter with information on the service stations with the lowest gas prices in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

"Additionally, subscribers will, over the next 60 days, have the opportunity to receive give-aways of gas vouchers, tips and promotions," she said.

According to Riley, the response to the service has been overwhelming.

text messages

"I got 100 fans in less than 24 hours. Fifty text message sign-ups and 60 email subscribers," the tech evangelist said. "The numbers have been steadily growing by word of mouth since."

Riley is upbeat that the service will be a hit among drivers in Jamaica and put a smile back on their faces as they head to the pumps.