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We must protect our borders

Published:Tuesday | January 19, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Along with the rest of Jamaica, I extend my condolences to the people of Haiti. I also sympathise with those who were injured and are hurting. I am also elated that Jamaicans have put aside their differences and are pooling resources together to help.

However, in the wake of this natural disaster that has occurred and has affected our sister country, I do have a deep concern, to which I hope Prime Minister Golding and his team will pay immediate attention. While Cuba and the United States of America, along with other countries, are working tireless to provide support to these victims, they are also protecting their borders in case these Haitian refugees should desire to use this situation as a means of escaping their current situation to seek refuge in their countries.

Unemployment rate

However, with Jamaica's unemployment rate escalating, the economy in decline and the cost for goods and services on the increase, and with many Jamaicans barely able to survive, how can Information Minister Daryl Vaz boldly say in case any Haitian refugee turns up on our shores, we should not turn them away, and we should receive them? He has also stated that there is an undisclosed location prepared for them on their arrival.

I know it is our sister country and they are hurting, but why our borders are not protected like the other countries? Why are we ready to accept them with open arms without considering the consequences?

I am beseeching the Golding team to rethink this issue and protect our borders now before it is too late.

I am, etc.,