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Seething with anger

Published:Sunday | January 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I write this letter with some amount of anger. It appears that the Government of the day is forgetting that poor and unfortunate people are in Jamaica, too. Why is it that we will be taking in Haitians? The last time I checked, we were a poor Third-World country. Is Cayman, which has greater economic resources to do so, taking them?

Far too often, Jamaicans believe it's in vogue to feel sorry for others in other countries and leave their homeless, orphans, indigent and persons suffering from AIDS. It's all nice to send our donations of what little we can afford to give, but I implore Jamaicans to remember our goodly Missionaries of the Poor who try to feed the homeless, Mustard Seed Communities and Jamaica AIDS Support, which clamour daily for the private sector to give them donations to support their worth causes.

Orphans are in Jamaica, too. Just check your neighbourhood orphanage and children's homes, which depend on government stipends which are never delivered in a timely fashion. Abused girls can be found at the Women's Centre, but how many people care? These are our people, but maybe it's not cool to care about your own people.

Our hospitals, our clinics are in need - with the strain of free health care, we leave clinics which have to close on given days as they are without supplies, but who cares? It's much easier for us to focus our attention elsewhere.

I am, etc.,