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Gov't going in reverse

Published:Friday | January 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I am very disheartened and disquieted by the recent aim of the Government to cut the subsidy given to students entering tertiary level institutions. Additionally, it was revealed in Parliament recently that the Students' Loan Bureau does not have enough money to satisfy the pending demand on it for the next academic year.

I believe the Government is going in reverse and corrective measures must be taken to improve our tertiary education and not to put a damper on it. I urge the prime minister and minister of education to rethink this decision. How can we have a productive sector when you are making it harder for students to get the level of qualification they need to make that happen?


How are we going to produce the entrepreneurs if the Government puts a barrier in the way of students getting the requisite skill. Education at the tertiary level should not be a privilege but a right in this modern age.

I call upon all well-thinking Jamaicans and CARICOM nationals to assist the university and sixth-form students in persuading the Government to relent on this counterproductive drive to starve the tertiary-education community of well-needed funds to move forward, depriving thousands of students of the right to an education. Please, your children and their children and their children are counting on you.

I am, etc.,