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Rotary book drive needs money

Published:Monday | March 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

WITH EFFORTS towards the Rotary Race to Literacy Book Drive well under way, deadlines to raise money loom.

Launched in early February, the Rotary Race to Literacy unites all the Rotary clubs in Jamaica in an effort to improve literacy rates across the island, and in Haiti. It was inspired by a book drive undertaken by Rotarians at the International Convention last year in Los Angeles, California. The drive was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records, for the most books collected in seven days, a total of 242, 624 books.

While the actual drive is set to take place from May 1-7, the period in the run up will be busy, as people are asked to donate books to the project partners. These include Island Grill and Jamaica Money Market Brokers islandwide, as well as a number of others.

However, the drive is also in much need of monetary donations to purchase specialty books overseas that cannot be obtained locally.

"The greatest area of need is for children's books," says Rotarian Deika Morrison, who is the project's chairperson. "However, the average person is unlikely to have a large number of children's books at home, especially those intended for children with special needs and learning disabilities. We have to raise funds to buy these books."

Collaborative work

Morrison is working in collaboration with a number of publishing partners, including Scholastic, a United States-based publisher specialising in these specialty children's books. Scholastic was a partner with Rotary International in the 2008 Book Drive, and just like then, they have provided preferential prices. In this case, they have hand-picked books to be appropriate for the Jamaican context in consultation with the project team. However, in order for these books to be received by the appropriate date, the deadline to raise funds for the book has been set for March 15. After that date, books can still be bought from local publishers. Morrison adds that while there is an excellent selection of children's books locally, they do not publish books that respond specifically to those with learning disabilities.

Morrison is, therefore, asking for people to get involved now, and donate to the cause. "Research proves that early childhood is the most important stage of a child's life. With the proper reading materials, IQs can be increased and children can be better socialised. It is an inexpensive investment for a lifetime return."

Ways to help

Online donation:

'Rotary Race To Literacy Project'
J$ deposit:
Bank of Nova Scotia A/C# 822269 (Hagley Park Branch)

US$ deposit:
Bank of Nova Scotia A/C# 822271 (Hagley Park Branch)

Our wire transfer instructions into our US$ account is as follows:

Instructions to:

JP Morgan Chase Bank, 270 Park Avenue, New York, New York, 10017. USA


Routing (ABA) Number: 021000021

For the initial credit of: Bank of Nova Scotia (JA) Limited, Hagley Park Branch, 128 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 11, Jamaica. W.I.

Account number: 001058608


Transit Number: 90175F or further credit to: Rotary Race to Literacy Project

Account number: 822271

for more information.