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sunday sauce feedback

Published:Sunday | March 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Check out these feedback letters we received about last week's Sunday Sauce.

I loved it and I think she should be a 'collomist'. She was articulate in her own right. She did very well and she made me laugh. I want to read more.

- Max

Sunday, February 28, found me depressed and desirous of a lot more than life had presented me. I decided that I would just read
The Gleaner
and quickly browsed the major headlines in the different sections until I reached the
Arts & Education
portion and your column. I was in stitches after reading the article, 'Those were the daze'.

To be honest, as funny as it seemed, with its poor spelling and grammar, in my opinion, it met its intended purpose. It caused you to go back, if you are of a certain age, and even if you couldn't go back, it caused you to imagine. It conjured up vivid images

of those 'good times'.

I submit that since 'Ms Daze's' article had an air of nostalgia and some

entertainment value, she should be encouraged to continue submitting her writings.

- Karen Wilson

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed your article. The prospective 'collomnist' obviously has ambition since she wants her work to be published in
The Gleaner
. First, I'd like to say that she certainly has some interesting memories - things I would not know because I was born in 1987 and only have the opportunity to see the remnants of some of the theatres she mentioned.

My favourite part of the 'collom' is where she ends a sentence with "which was located next to East Queen Treet Baptist, on East Queen Street". I just found that so hilarious. Not to mention "I am the only child for He" and "Scobeach fish".

Admittedly though, it's not all that bad, because if the 'collom' does not get published, at least I can assure you that I will have use for the excerpt in my grammar and spelling classes.

- C.C.