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Depraved looters

Published:Sunday | March 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Looters scramble to get their hands on bottles of beer in the wreckage of a truck that was transporting Heineken beer along the Linstead bypass in St Catherine last Thursday - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

The Editor, Sir:

As I watched the evening news on Thursday, March 11, a report was broadcast of an accident involving a Toyota motor car and a truck transporting Heineken beer along the Linstead bypass in St Catherine, and I was most disgusted to see people, mostly grown men and children, looting the truck.

It is obvious that these adults have no morals. Someone died, another was badly hurt and instead of assisting with the removal and protection of what was left of the victims' belongings they were busy looting with grins on their faces.

If we behave this way as adults, how else do we expect the future generation to behave? The children who were there were also acting out what they have learnt.

It seems to be the norm in our society that whenever there is a major accident persons are not only busy removing the victim, but busy stealing the victim's belongings from the wreckage. It is so bad that we loot sugar, chicken or whatever else we can from the scene of an accident. Where is our com-passion? Are we that depraved as a society? When do we say enough is enough and condemn this type of behaviour?

Many persons find this amusing, but as a Jamaican I was embar-rassed by what happened. We need to be mindful of the fact that whatever we do the world sees and it reflects on us, and this was not amusing!

Nevertheless, let me extend to the family of the car driver my condolences, and to the truck driver, a speedy recovery.

I am, etc.,


Bull Bay

St Andrew