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Ban loud music

Published:Wednesday | March 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM


I GREATLY admire the step taken by the Barbados minister of education and human resource development to "shut out toxic Jamaican dancehall music from his country", as reported in The Sunday Gleaner on March 14.

It is all very well to ban this 'toxic' material from broadcast media in Jamaica but, as every one knows, it is still being blared from giant loudspeakers on forecourts around our country by anyone who wants to, at anytime, day or night, to great annoyance of those who dream of peace and quiet.

Now that we have a Government that is ready to take on the mighty American prosecutors, why, in God's name, can we not take on the degenerates who cause noise and indiscipline in Jamaica by banning loud music in open space, just as a start?

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St Elizabeth