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Invest in education

Published:Tuesday | March 23, 2010 | 12:00 AM


EDUCATION MINISTER Andrew Holness is encouraging international educators to invest in Jamaica to assist in secondary education. This project would cost the Government $1 billion. This money could build more schools and classrooms, reduce classroom sizes to 35 students per class, and promote "universal secondary education". An investment in education should be top priority for the Government, and they should pattern countries like Cuba, which has one of the highest literacy rates, with every citizen being entitled to tertiary education, free of cost.

Jamaicans have stopped thinking about production and education, and are now too caught up in politics to understand their reality. Fredrick Douglass stated that "the road from slavery to freedom is paved by education". While I applaud the minister for the research his ministry has done, he should be lobbying for more funds from his government to invest in secondary education.

No motivation for investors

Many educated Jamaicans are underemployed or unemployed and some migrate for a better quality of life. The primary purpose of investment is to create opportunities for people to earn a living. What is Jamaica producing to attract investors?

The Government must understand that its greatest asset is the people and the children are the future. Until we can show the international community that we are thinking about development and production, investors will not be motivated to put their money here.

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