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How to make life easy for the other driver

Published:Sunday | April 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Paul Messam, Contributor

How can we make life easier for other drivers? How can we handle the various driving tasks which usually confront drivers?

"Many accidents are caused by the driver," said Norris Christian, an experienced driving instructor. "The error may be as a result of a driver's mistake or carelessness of our very own."

According to Christian, all drivers should be fully aware of the standard accident-prevention formula. The formula states that a driver should be alert, be prepared and act in time. The driving instructor encourages motorists to do the following:

Try to keep reasonable space between you and the driver in front. In other words, ensure there is enough room ahead to stop or overtake safely.

Talk to the other motor vehicle driver with all the signals you can use.

Ensure you are in the lane that shows where you intend to turn.

It is wise to make use of your turn signal to inform other drivers of your intentions.

Pump your brakes accordingly to tell your neighbour driver you are making a stop or slowing.

Be calm and patient and do not change your mind and move quickly to the left or right without consideration for other drivers.

Rely on your awareness and alertness to deal with rush hour traffic.

Make use of reasonable judgement in starting, stopping and turning.

Drive with care and observe carefully the movements of other drivers.

Be careful of carefree pedestrians and less-visible vehicles.

Watch out for uncontrolled intersections where there are no lights, signs or signals.

Use your horn when necessary to talk to other drivers.