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LETTER OF THE DAY - Join the resistance

Published:Tuesday | April 20, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Dr Heather Little-White's experience as a survivor of the terrible crime wave, whichhas driven some of our most productive citizens overseas or driven them into their homes early in the evening, is really devastating. This situation removes critical elements from the pool of citizenswho have the most to contribute to the healing and restoration of this battered country.

The situation, coupled with the frightening decline in social capital in the society, leaves us to think about Professor BarryChevannes' exhortation that those who remain have to join the resistance.

Too many persons and their families have been survivors of the actions of a fearless, powerful and growing criminal class who seem to be on their way to becoming our rulers. What is the ordinary law-abiding citizen to do? Is there any room for those of us who believe that this society holdsa future for ourselves and our families? Is it time for the seven miles of Black Star liners to come to take us away?

The inability of our leaders to speak the truth about the situation and to lead us in the appropriate direction is turning us away from them and forcing many to take the law into our own hands.

Some are walking with their feet and I hope that Professor Chevannes can expand his identification of the resistance. Never in my five decades did I expect to see my beloved country come to this tragic stage where so many of our young people see a hopeless future. I have to remind myself that my grandunclewrote from Panama aboutJamaica at theturn of the 20th century as a place where "Mr Hungrywas riding a grey horse and white squall was on the land." It seems that he was talking actually and figuratively about physical hunger - the hunger for peace, justice, jobs and a place where we can trust those in whom we have put our trust.

I am now hungry for change and want to join and grow the resistance. I am praying for Dr Little-White and all those who feel that they must exercise their options to save their lives and sanity.

I am, etc.,


UWI, Mona