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Paying to pee at Portmore Mall

Published:Saturday | December 10, 2011 | 12:00 AM
This man urinates outside the St. William Grant Park in downtown Kingston despite newly refurbished bathrooms just a few feet away. - File


I am having a serious issue with the Portmore Mall and its current bathroom policies. On a recent visit to the mall, I needed to use the bathroom. As I was about to enter, I was stopped by an attendant in a most brawling manner: "Miss, you have to pay to use the bathroom."

So I stepped back and looked at my surroundings because, for a moment, I thought I had lost track of where I was. And yes, I was in a public mall, but being told to pay to use public facilities?

Now the cost to use the toilet in the bathroom is $20 and $10 for the tissue. Are they serious?

I believe I am speaking for the rest of consumers that visit the mall and have not made light to this situation. This is cruelty. Persons have witnessed these operators turning back kids as young as 10 in school uniform because they don't have the money to use a public bathroom. Seriously? This is inhumane!

Not even Emancipation Park charges to use the facilities. And don't let me start on the poor conditions of the mall! Yet the operators there find time to charge to use an already disgusting facility. Come on!

I don't know what person or organisation is in charge of this, but it has to be addressed. This is complete disrespect to the consumers and clients of Portmore Mall.


Portmore, St Catherine