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Police advise public to be vigilant

Published:Friday | December 28, 2007 | 11:09 AM

The Police in St. Ann are advising members of the public to be more vigilant at as they go about their daily activities. The police say they have noticed a new trend in robberies.

They say females are approaching householders seeking assistance and allowed inside the house to use the bathroom or telephone then rob the householders of cash and other valuables. In other instances, the females allow other unscrupulous persons to enter the house to carry out the robberies.

The police say there has been an increase in these robberies, the latest of which occurred at a villa in Discovery Bay, on Boxing Day. The police say a woman went to the villa and requested assistance from the occupant. Men armed with guns then entered the villa while the woman was being assisted. The occupant raised an alarm and the woman and the gunmen fled.

The police also say robbers are posing as passengers on public passenger vehicles and carrying out their robberies along lonely sections of the roads in the parish. Two weeks ago, a taxi driver was held up and robbed of his vehicle along the Reynolds main road in the parish.