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Tighter security at hospital

Published:Tuesday | January 22, 2008 | 8:48 PM

The Parliamentary Secretary in the Health ministry and officials at the St. Ann’s Bay hospital agreed to tighten the security system at the facility.

This comes in the wake of a female patient disappearing from the female medical ward yesterday morning.

The patient was undergoing psychiatric treatment.

Yesterday, the Parliamentary Secretary in the Health Ministry Senator Andre Franklin called a meeting with representatives of the hospital.

A decision was also taken to install metal bars on all the windows in the female ward. More ward assistants are to be stationed to monitor and assist patients.

The Chief Executive Officer at the hospital, Eon Jarret told The Power 106 News Centre that the disappearance of the patient did not result from a lapse in the monitoring at the hospital.

He said the patient climbed through a window and slithered down a 10 feet long storm water drain.

The patient was found 15 hours later and returned to the hospital.