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Elaine Thompson A Talented Doyenne

Published:Monday | March 5, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
KenyonHemans/Photographer Olympian Elaine Thompson makes a fashion statement in a cape sleeve dress at RJRGLEANER Sports Foundation National Sportsman and Sportwoman of the year award at the Pegasus hotel last Friday.
Thompson ... down to run 60m

There are many ways you can describe a woman - beautiful, gorgeous, chic, are just some that easily come to mind. But, when it comes to phenomenal women, the terms must match their status. For the stellar Elaine Thompson, one must call her a beautiful and talented track doyenne. She is one of the best sprinting sensations on the island, and unquestionably a distinguished woman in all facets.

Rising out of Banana Ground in Manchester, Thompson reigns as the queen of the track, defeating her competitors and etching her name in history. The unparalleled performances she continuously delivers to spectators are only minor reflections of the greatness that lies within her.


Yet, behind her powerful demeanour is a charming young woman who fears she is misjudged by onlookers.

"I feel that I am different than people may perceive me. I am still growing and developing," the sprint queen told Flair.

Thompson is one of the athletes who feeds off competition. She is the first Jamaican female athlete to have won gold medals in both the 100 metre and 200 metre in the same Olympic Games. It's a rare and incredible sprint double that she surprised the globe with at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"I have many motivations. My primary motivations right now are to train hard and achieve the desired results," she said.

Also inspired by other successful female sprinters, especially Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce, Thompson is determined to shine her light wherever she goes, and in everything she attempts. Her determination to excel and rise above all challenges places her at the helm of success.

"I believe I am unique and I will achieve what no one else has ever achieved. Before I started to focus on my athletics career, I was not very motivated. Lack of motivation was a big challenge for me in achieving my goals, but that's no more," Thompson declared.

Other side of Elaine

Just as some girls who tend to eat, sleep, speak and breathe fashion, Thompson adores each moment she gets to transform herself into a beautiful and glamorous beauty queen. In the same way she wins on the track, she has to sport modish and stunning outfits when the occasion calls for it.

"[I think this is one thing Jamaica would find] surprising about me, that I like to dress up," Thompson reveals.

Enjoying the priceless times with her friends is is one of the things the talented and successful woman loves to do. And she believes there is nothing more pleasing than spending time with friends over good food.

Her vision is to be an entrepreneur, a desire she has been entertaining for some time. Though she had not started to tread the entrepreneurial track as yet, she believes that she is capable of offering financial advice to women who dream of becoming successful. Her most important message speaks to being cautious and frugal with one's spending power.

"Women, you need to start spending wisely," the doyenne advices.