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Appealing to LIME for Internet service

Published:Saturday | April 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

I have applied to LIME twice for Internet access. The first time I applied, I did not get any contact from LIME. I went to the store and was provided with an account number to pay $500.

After paying the deposit, I was advised that I had to wait two weeks before a technician would come to install the service. The two weeks passed and no technician came. I called LIME and was advised that my account expired, which made no sense because LIME was the one who told me to wait out the time period.

I went to the LIME head office in Montego Bay for support but was then given another excuse that LIME does not have ADSL ports in Falmouth. This makes no sense!

Falmouth is a developing town with a cruise ship terminal 500 metres away from my house. There is the training agency to my left and fire station to my right. I was then told that there is nothing they could do except process a refund, which takes five weeks to be processed.

I went home and luckily met a technician who identified himself as Supervisor Williams. He advised me that Falmouth doesn't have an ADSL shortage. Mr Williams even went on to say that if every person in Falmouth had ADSL service, ports would still be available.

I have reapplied to LIME and still there hasn't been contact. Why is LIME biased against me getting Internet service?