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A few words of advice for Flow

Published:Thursday | January 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am a FLOW customer with Internet, telephone and cable services. Based on information in the media, FLOW has made several attempts to improve its offering and become more efficient. This effort has not gone unnoticed. I would, therefore, like to offer some advice based on my own experiences as a customer which could possibly contribute to this effort.

I recommend training customer service agents to be more mindful of what is said to customers. For example, it is not prudent to tell a customer that a problem may take a long time to be resolved because it is a holiday and the relevant technicians are not in office.

FLOW may consider actually improving and maintaining their services at a minimum standard. I am aware that unscrupulous persons have cost the company millions. Nonetheless, where there is no incidence of theft, customers would appreciate consistency in accessing cable and Internet services as the norm. Attempting to use the advanced digital service (AVS) with constant error messages, for example, is unpleasant. Having challenges with the Internet at certain times of the day is also not convenient.

May I also recommend consideration be given to a system that advises customers of problems being experienced in a timely and appropriate manner.

Finally, customers should feel that they are not repeatedly paying more for less. With respect to the cable service, I was met with disappointment yet again to discover that a station I enjoyed watching last month is no longer available in Jamaica this month. One consideration is to allow free access to stations that would otherwise be at an additional cost.

The beauty about open markets is the ability to choose. It would be unfortunate for me to consider switching providers because FLOW is unable to provide consistency, efficiency and heart in the services they offer. There comes a point when loyalty is no longer a luxury one can afford.

Growingly Impatient Customer