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Digicel reacts to customer frustration

Published:Wednesday | March 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In the March 5, 2016 People's Report section of The Gleaner, customer Garfield Angus expressed frustration at not being able to receive a document outlining his payment history with Digicel in order to complete an important transaction elsewhere.

Within hours of his letter being published, I reached out to Mr Angus and immediately apologised to him for the inconvenience before providing the information he originally requested. It should not have taken more than one telephone call for Mr Angus to have received the document. We deeply regret this experience and trust that the delay will not affect his plans.

Upon investigation of the circumstances, we identified where Mr Angus' request was misinterpreted, leading to repeated instances of incorrect information being provided to him. We could not allow this occasion to pass without ensuring that we made it a teaching moment for our Customer Care team to become more aware of the changing needs of customers with regards to requests of this nature.

I am happy to report that our team is now better prepared to handle such requests.

Customer feedback can only serve to make us deliver a higher standard of service, and I thank The Gleaner for the opportunity to make things right.


Customer Care Director