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First Global Redefines Banking Convenience

Published:Wednesday | December 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Andrea Gayle (right), First Global Bank (FGB) Manor Park branch manager, is joined byBernadette Barrow (left), FGB senior vice-president, in presenting a gift bag to MartinRitchie-Haughton, the first customer to enter the new branch.

First Global Bank (FGB) is the first in the Caribbean to introduce a video teller machine (VTM), an interactive video technology that allows a live teller to take remote control of an ATM. This cutting-edge banking technology was unveiled recently at the reopening of the bank's Manor Park branch.

Developed by National Cash Register Corporation, the world's leading ATM manufacturer, the new video teller technology allows live tellers at FGB's teller centre to remotely interact with customers inside the branch and complete up to 95 per cent of transactions typically completed by tellers at counters.

The VTM provides live-teller services for customers such as completing cash and cheque deposits, withdrawals, account transfers and cheque encashment, while still connecting customers and tellers in a face-to-face, highly personal engagement.

The new technology will deliver increased convenience at the new larger branch, which is adjacent to the bank's former location in Hi-Lo Manor Park Store. The branch expansion will keep pace with the growing demands in the Manor Park area and environs.

With the VTM, FGB will be able to extend teller-service hours once the branch is closed, allowing customers to bank at times most convenient to them. The machine will be introduced on a pilot basis for the next few weeks and will be fully available in 2016.

The new Manor Park branch will also have a multi-currency dispenser (MCD) and an Intelligent Deposit ATM (IDATM) - also developed by NCR - which will complement the VTM and give customers access to a suite of smart machines that will redefine the in-branch banking experience.


The MCD will allow customers to withdraw Jamaican, Canadian and United States currencies from their accounts. This feature allows FGB customers to do cross-currency transactions, conveniently buying the offered currencies at the daily exchange rate.

The IDATM will recognise and validate inserted notes, which will allow customers to make immediate cash deposits, without the hassle of a deposit slip or envelope and, of course, Jamaican-dollar withdrawals.

The opening of the new Manor Park branch, conceived as a prototype FGB branch, will be followed by a similar opening in Ocho Rios in 2016.

"We work hard to deliver the best customer experience and this new technology will allow us to do many things that other banks can't," said Courtney Campbell, president and CEO, First Global Bank.

Campbell continues, "The Manor Park branch will be the first of a new style of FGB branch, wherein we will raise the bar on convenience yet again. When you combine the new technology with Saturday banking, our late opening hours and Global Access - our Internet-banking platform - FGB may, arguably, be Jamaica's most convenient bank."