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BIZOL line introduced to Ja

Published:Friday | November 20, 2015 | 6:13 PM

There was a shortened lesson on how lubricants work on Wednesday evening, as the BIZOL line of lubricants and related motor-vehicle products were officially introduced into Jamaica.

The lesson was, naturally, geared towards showing why BIZOL products are an excellent choice for consumers. However, Hugh Johnson, president of the Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ), while pointing out that "new additions to the market broaden the range of options available to consumers", was especially happy about the way in which the new products are being brought to the Jamaican market.

"I am particularly pleased this evening that this product comes not from big business, but from the small- and medium-size business sector," Johnson said. "This gives credence to my long-held belief that a vibrant small business sector contributes to the overall health and wealth of the economy."

The BIZOL line is being brought to the Jamaican market by Alrobe International Corporation, which hosted the product line launch. There was very strong support for the manufacturers, whose regional sales manager for Latin and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, Natalya Prieynitz, outlined the BIZOL line's benefits.

Among them is being eco-friendly and being especially well suited to the 'stop-and-go' traffic typical of urbanised areas.

In explaining the BIZOL advantages, Prieynitz gave a brief history of its growth from being manufactured in Germany in 1993, where it was available exclusively until 1998. By 2013, the product line was available in 61 countries and the projection is that it will be established in 100 countries by 2018.

There were more figures as Prieynitz said use of BIZOL products leads to a three to five per cent savings on fuel, while cleaning the engine.

She said that the BIZOL line satisfies American, European and Japanese official standards, making the products suitable for a wide range of automobiles. Still, it goes further, as in a presentation for which graphics were used extensively, Prieynitz showed how there were specific variations suited to particular vehicle makes.

And there was a real-life demonstration of using the manufacturer's website to identify the best BIZOL oil for a particular model and year vehicle.

The BIZOL line includes not only engine and transmission oil, but also fuel injector cleaner and radiator additives, among an extensive product offering.

The launch ended with directions to Alrobe International's local office off Springvale Avenue in St Andrew.