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Marcia Griffiths collaborates with Chronixx

Published:Monday | June 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Marcia Griffiths

Veteran singer Marcia Griffiths is at it again with her recently released single Queen of Paradise, produced by legendary duo of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and written by next-generation reggae star - Chronixx.

It was after Chronixx released They Don't Know, that Griffith's ears perked up to the sound of the young 'reggae revivalist'. "I heard a song playing on the radio and I'm not easily drawn to things like that," she told The Gleaner, before singing out the chorus to correctly identify it.

"The singer just stopped my heart. I met him when the song was just released and I told him, 'you got my attention and it is so beautiful, the melody is so sweet, and the voice is so melodious.' I don't normally react like that," Griffiths said.

On occasion, the two reggae icons have encountered each other at various performances across the globe. "We see each other on different performances in Europe, and we talk. I feel like a mother to these people - I show motherly care, every time."

Griffith's latest release, Queen of Paradise, was birthed from her request to the young star to pen a song for a Sly & Robbie riddim.

"As it was said, it was done. He sent the demo with his voice. It's so beautiful. I still have the harmonies as well and I told him - 'I wish I could just do it with your harmonies.' So I learnt the song. This was over a year ago," she recalled.

Griffiths then did her own demo, and after some back-and-forth in the studio, the singer-songwriter duo settled on an interpretation they both liked.


No Energy Like Youth Energy


It has become customary for Griffiths to collaborate with younger performers in the reggae arena. "To cut across age barriers, is one of the most beautiful things. Years of collaborating with the younger generation is one of the secrets. There's no energy like the youth's energy. It's different," she said.

Griffiths recalled her experience at the Africa Unite concert held in Ethiopia years ago. "I was struck. I couldn't speak. The same kids who use to run on stage at 5/6 years old, and I'm sharing the stage with them. I can't find words. There is no adjective to describe the feeling. It touches the soul; it's overwhelming. Things like these I don't take for granted."

She continued, "God has blessed me that I can sing here with the first, second and third generations. I feel blessed, truly blessed that I can continue to work with all these young people," she added.

And continue she will, as the legendary artiste mentioned an upcoming collaboration with Romain Virgo - a mother/son song written by Shereika. "To collaborate with these young singers, the feeling is awesome. It's a beautiful feeling to know you can walk on a stage with these younger artistes and do things that are relevant today."