Thu | Sep 23, 2021

Lupita wants a ‘normal’ job

Published:Monday | March 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Lupita Nyong’o wants a “normal” job. While she loves being an actress, Lupita also wants a job where she feels she can “be of use to the world” too.

She told The Sunday Times’ Culture magazine: “My parents instilled in me a sense of, ‘Be of use to the world’ and that voice never shuts up. So I am programmed to be attracted to things I feel are useful. I don’t think I’m in search of nobility, but I do urgently need to say something.”

Lupita previously revealed how she feels she has a responsibility to promote ethnic diversity in Hollywood.

She explained: “Films inspire people to feel differently. A lot more can be done. We can be more empathetic when we realise how much more alike we are than how different we are. You see, I don’t like to fight the reality.

“The reason it is so acute is because of the stage we are at. When we are talking about inclusion in entertainment, it’s because entertainment isn’t inclusive, and until such a time as that becomes the norm, then this work has to be done ... I feel an impetus to say something because this is a conversation that very directly affects me and my career, and my role in the world. But I don’t belabour it.”