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Fashionable DJs in FierceByDre Threads

Published:Thursday | May 25, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
DJ Nicco not only shows off his swag but his tatts in this Golden State Warriors jersey and skinny ripped jeans.
DJ Mario steps up his game in this black jeans jacket and skinny jeans.
Nicco is looking all laid back before he lays down that record.

When it comes to turning tables and feeding music from the wings of steel in style, disc jockeys (DJs) are the people to know.

The men behind the mic and in front of the crowd are normally celebrated as the most stylish entertainer. But being the DJ behind the scenes doesn't mean that they can't be as stylish as their vocal counterparts. In fact, without DJs, you wouldn't have an excuse besides taking Instagram and Snapchat selfies to dress up in your finest threads.

To show you just how fashionable and trendy DJs can be, Flair drew for popular disc jockeys- Nicholas Rasinski (Dj Nicco) and Mario Wedderburn (DJ Mario) who changed the game and opened your ears to some good music, to display some trendy yet sexy outfits from FierceByDre at the popular St. Andrew hot spot- Fiction Fantasy.

So, here we celebrate the party-starter, the scratch-maker, the person who gets the place jumping (and possibly the drinks spilling). From soul, reggae and dancehall to hip-hop, electro and mash-ups, here are some stylish DJs.

DJ Nicco

What's Your Usual Sense of Style?

"It depends on the event. But my usual style is strictly urban. I'm not a fashionista. I'm more of a jeans and T-shirt person unless the event is high fashion event."

What do you love most about music and being a DJ?

"There's a certain power and feel that you get and a certain love that you have for being able to get a crowd excited. There's also the greatest in knowing you're apart of entertainment that can get people to enjoy themselves and forget about the world outside of the four walls or fences. The gift of giving people the opportunity to step into a bubble through music is great."

DJ Mario

What's Your Usual Sense of Style?

"Being that I'm the resident DJ at Fiction, I normally wear suit and tie but when I'm playing outside of the club, I rock a nice jeans pants with a nice classy top."

What do you love most about music and being a DJ?

"Music is my happy place. I'm free with music. What I love most about being a DJ is being able to make partygoers let go and escape through music. Music also chose me. I can't see myself being anything but a DJ. It's my life."

Shoot credits:

Creative director and producer: Kimberly Goodall

Photographer: Gladstone Taylor

Models: Nicholas Rasinski (Dj Nicco) and Mario Wedderburn (DJ Mario)

Outfits: Fiercebydre

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