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Power Couple’s Workout

Published:Thursday | February 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMYanique Williams
Twisting and turning to 'Peek-My-Boo'
Lets 'Push It' beyond our limit
Keep the frame and lunge into the samba
Try to catch my moves, follow me and i will follow you
Stretch your imagination with this sensual routine
April and Keith executes 101 ways, sit up exercise.
Technical Director of Fit Farm Fitness gym Bryan Campbell, known to many as Master Bryan


Candlelit dinner dates, roses, gifts, and chocolates that will take your breath away are definite dos come this Valentine's Day - the only official romantic day of the year. But why not break away from the usual festivities and work a little sweat in together for the occasion?

Valentine's day is almost here and we are challenging you to celebrate in a more fit and healthy way. Getting down and dirty with your partner at the gym will keep your heart rate and libido going. You are sure to strengthen your core, your bond, and still have the spark of V-day burning bright.

Mixing his rigid workouts with a little fun, flirty romance, technical director of Fit Farm Fitness, Bryan Campbell more commonly known as 'Master Bryan' has created the ultimate power couple's workout, to make your Valentine's Day fit for pleasure.




Just like our childhood games, Bryan states that you can burn a few calories and tighten your waistline in a energetic and exotic way with your boo. Using an exercise ball, stand back-to-back, slightly swat then twist to gaze into each other's eyes. Passing the ball on alternate sides, you may steal a kiss in between twists.


101 ways


According to Master Bryan, building more toned core, arms and chest, that will excite your partner's deepest desires is the aim of this exercise. Do a few rounds of sit-ups facing each other while taking turns giving compliments, that will boost her confidence and stroke his ego. Each person will complete 50 sit ups alternately, making it to 100. Completing the final sit up together is significant as it marks 101 things that you love about each other.


Samba Lunge


If your partner loves dancing, then this exercise, Bryan reveals, is sure to get the fire burning. Imagine doing the Samba, take your stance facing each other and holding your frame. Begin to do the samba replacing your steps with deep lunges. This dance is fit for creating stronger and more toned legs and glutes.

Push It

Push Ups are usually a one man's game but with a little creativity you can do it with your significant other. Bryan instructs you to get down into the push up position facing each other, begin the push up going down while taking a look-see at each other. On your journey back up, pause at the top and acknowledge each other with a touch or kiss. Then place one hand on your partner's shoulder and continue the workout, switching hands every time you come up, remember to steal kisses or touches in between elevation. This balancing act is extremely beneficial to your arms, chest, core and triceps, making them more toned and stronger.

I will follow you

Get in tuned with the natural movement of your mates body. Put on your favourite music and initiate your own aerobic workout. Dare your soulmate to follow you every move at the same pace, as best as they can. Switching spots, allow 'bae' to take the lead using his or her music and routine, as you become the chaser. After a hot pursuit, you will reap the benefits of a better cardiovascular output and gaining more stamina for the nights pleasure to come, Bryan asserts.

Stretching imagination

Cooling down after a series of rigorous routines is always necessary. So Bryan recommends that you entertain your boo-thang in an array of sensual light stretches. These stretches will increase the blood flow throughout your body and expand on your flexibility. Sit on the floor or a mat, with your legs criss-crossed, tease your lover a few sets of sensuous stretches, assisting each other keeping the heat of passion alive.