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He may be called ‘Sauce Boss’ but Kemar Highcon has a special love for stewed peas

Published:Thursday | June 10, 2021 | 12:16 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
Kemar Highcon named stewed peas as his all-time favourite meal.
Kemar Highcon named stewed peas as his all-time favourite meal.

In the entertainment industry, recording artiste Kemar Highcon is known as the ‘Sauce Boss’. His nickname has everything to do with image as he’s usually ‘dripping’ in style and swagger. The So Saucy deejay undoubtedly has impeccable taste in fashion. But have you ever wondered if his ‘sauciness’ ever goes beyond the stage? Well, you are about to find out as we talk food with Kemar Highcon, even touching on his most embarrassing moment in the kitchen. Let’s go!

What kind of food do you think best represents your personality?

I would have to say lobster (laughs). I guess because a lobster is so divinely delicious, but it has a dangerous side to it. I think that’s me.

What is your all-time favourite meal?

That would be stew peas because even if the meat done outta your stew peas, the beans alone are enough to make the meal worthwhile. I feel like it’s more about the beans for me. That’s what I love. Of course, you want your meat, but the beans are what sell it. When that cook properly: problems.

If you invited a special friend over to your house for date night, what meal would you prepare to impress them?

For a special date at my house, I would prepare steamed fish with lobster and shrimp. I would serve it with fried bammy. I think I cook that very well. I can’t spoil seafood (laughs).

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment in the kitchen, for example, have you tried to prepare something that just did not turn out well?

I think we’ve all had one embarrassing moment in the kitchen! Mine was when I tried to cook lasagna. It never come out good at all. I feel like I was trying to add my own likkle twist to it, and it just never work out. I felt like I used the wrong cheese and a baay foolishness gwaan. I think I added too much milk, too. It just spoil. Mi nuh think me a go ever trouble it again. Trust me.

What popular Jamaican dish is your least favourite and why?

Mackerel Rundown. You see that now, I think it’s hyped up too much. I don’t like anything with too much milk inna it. I think that’s what it is. Mackerel and milk just nuh go together for me.