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What is Klebsiella?

Published:Tuesday | October 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM


What is klebsiella?


Microbiologist Anthony Jones describes klebsiella as a bacterium found in the gastroenteric tract (relating to the stomach and intestines). The United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also says klebsiella bacteria are normally found in the human intestines (where they do not cause disease) and also in human stool.


How does it



manifest itself?


By getting into areas that are sterile and areas outside of their normal habitat. They live normally in the gut, but they can cause serious infection, including infection of the blood, and respiratory problems.


How is it treated?


Bacterial infections are normal, so it's not really a matter of prevention, but more of control. This means sanitation will be critical and areas must be kept very clean.