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...Longville residents welcome new developments

Published:Saturday | April 29, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Nancy Hylton Coleman - president of the Longville Park Citizens' Association.
Vice-president of the Longville Park Citizens' Association Balvin McKenzie (centre) and other residents at the official opening of the police station last Friday.

Residents of Longville Park Housing Scheme could not hide their joy last Friday as a National Housing Trust (NHT)- financed police station was finally commissioned into service.

President of the Longville Park Citizens' Association Nancy Hylton Coleman told our news team that the station was long overdue.

"I hope that it will remain a positive influence in our community and that the residents will continue the good relationship that we have been experiencing," said Hylton Coleman.

She also expressed pleasure at the planned expansion of the scheme, which she described as a sign of real growth in the community.

"With every added phase come fresh personalities and new ideas. It is hoped that this will ultimately work in placing Longville as the place to truly live and work," added Hylton Coleman.

Long-time advocate and vice-president of the Citizens' Association Baldvin McKenzie, who also chairs the Longville Park Human Resource and Welfare Committee, told The Sunday Gleaner that building the police station was an excellent move by the NHT.

"We are very happy that they responded to the cry of the residents through the Citizens' Association's strong advocacy," said McKenzie.




In the meantime, Keith Patterson, a resident of Phase 2 of Longville Park, said that the police station gives him the opportunity to enjoy a greater level of security.

"As a member of the community, I feel more assured regarding the security as crime was rearing its head before the police station was established."

Principal of the Green Park All-Age School and resident of Phase Three of the Longville Park Housing Scheme Frederick Lattray said that the positives from the police station would spin off into neighbouring communities.

With Sandy Bay, the location of the school being one of the problematic areas in Clarendon, Lattray is hoping that the proximity of the station will prove to be a deterrent to criminal elements in that community.

Embracing the expansion of the scheme, Lattray said that it is a chance for more persons to be homeowners.

Fellow resident Lorraine Johnson was also pleased that the station was now a reality and pledged to mobilise her neighbours to give their support to the police.

- C.C.L.