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Schools receive well-needed facelift

Published:Tuesday | May 23, 2017 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin
Maureen Wong, principal of the St Richard’s Primary School, St Andrew, paints outside the institution.
Kristina Hill (standing) and Krysan Burgher of Angels of Love paint the mural outside the Bustamante Hospital for Children in St Andrew.

When some students enter their schools' premises today, an enhanced environment and a boost in their institution's aesthetics will greet them.

That is because persons turned up in their numbers at various schools in the Corporate Area yesterday to volunteer their time and efforts in recognition of Labour Day.

One such institution was the Jackson Town Basic school on Molynes Road in Kingston, where members of the People's National Party's Youth Organisation (PNPYO) assisted with planting trees and painting the school's wall.

Oshane Bailey, PNPYO representative for the St Andrew North Western constituency, said the group saw it as an opportunity to give students a fresh start.

"We have to have a firm foundation for the children, and in order to do that, children need somewhere where they can play. When they have a comfortable playing environment, it makes learning easier. Many studies have shown that students' success depend a lot on their environment. As a result, we will be able to produce persons who are productive thinkers because they were given a fresh start," Bailey said.




Beverly Jones, principal and teacher at the school, was elated by the assistance, noting that the work done will go a far way in lifting the spirits of the 24 children enrolled at the basic school.

At the St Richards Primary School on Red Hills Road in St Andrew, Maureen Wong, principal, said that she was encouraged by the level of collaboration among entities that contributed to the success of the project.

"I'm very elated and that's because the community, the school and the church are working as one. We were out from very early, painting the parking lot, the pedestrian crossing, and we did some bushing. We have persons working in the bathroom, cleaning the toilets, giving them a good clean and, of course, we have some parents who are the cooks. They come every single year to 'run a boat'," she said laughing.