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I did my best, says Tomblin - Outgoing CEO leaving JPS with head held high

Published:Saturday | June 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMNadine Wilson-Harris

Despite her efforts to change the public's perception of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), the outgoing president and chief executive officer, Kelly Tomblin, knows that it has not been enough and has apologised to those who believe she should have done more during her five-year tenure.

"I have done my best; I have done my part; I have done my share. I have done it to the best of my ability. Am I perfect? Absolutely not!" said Tomblin during a recent interview with The Gleaner.

"Sorry I didn't make you happy. I have a great team. Maybe somebody else will. But I do find there are just some people, I don't care if you stand on your head and twist around, you are not going to make them happy," added Tomblin, who is getting ready to leave the JPS to start a new chapter in her life as the chief executive officer of United States power company INTREN Inc.

The West Virginia native admitted that she was warned about the tumultuous relationship that existed between the JPS and some of its customers when she came to Jamaica, which she considers her home away from home.

Tomblin said that after careful assessment, she realised that a serious "trust crisis" existed.

"I told my shareholders when I got here, 'We have a financial crisis, that's for sure,' and I was really hired in some way to fix that crisis, but you cannot fix a financial crisis when you have a trust crisis," she said.

Efforts to fix this trust crisis have paid off somewhat as consecutive customer satisfaction surveys have been progressively better.

"There has been a lot that has been done, and I am proud of what my team did," she said.