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'God's baby' - Parents praise strength of 6-y-o whose penis was cut off by teen, worry about desire for vengeance

Published:Tuesday | August 6, 2019 | 12:00 AMShanna Monteith/Gleaner Writer

Tension lingers in a St Thomas community where a six-year-old boy was chopped multiple times and his penis dismembered, allegedly by a 16-year-old boy last Friday.

The police say the boy remains hospitalised but has been doing well and that a statement is to be taken from him in short order.

Speaking with The Gleaner, the family of the six-year-old said they were concerned about the mental implications of the incident.

“When me go hospital yesterday, all mi baby a ask 'bout is where Gregory* deh and how when him come out what and what him going to do to him. Mi have to a tell him that me love him and him mustn’t pree any evil,” said the boy’s father, who makes and sells straw furniture in the area.

Reflecting on the incident that led to the mutilating of his only son’s penis, the father said it was the most frightening time of his life.

Explaining in detail the events of the evening, he described the area where they live to be a ‘family lane’ where children from various homes on the stretch would congregate to fly kites, play games and ride bicycles.

“He was out there making kite so after we realise that we didn’t see him, we were wondering if he was down by his family yard because him will down there a eat food and all drop asleep.

"So him mother go down there and ask and dem seh dem don’t see him and we search other places and everybody say the same thing,” the father said, admitting that he thought they were joking at first.

He recalled the search that ensued among family members as they looked under beds, in wash pans and drums of water where they feared he could have fallen in and drowned.

After an unfruitful search, the distressed father said he was about to go to the police when someone said his son was last seen in the company of Gregory*, a teenager with whom they were all familiar and friendly.

“His little brother and my son a cousins, so dem always a play together. So me and mi baby mother go up a the yard go knock on the door and Gregory* mother open it.

Mi ask for my boy and she said she don’t see him and when mi ask for Gregory she said he was sleeping,” the father said, adding that with this news he turned to leave when he heard a faint voice coming from the bushes.

“Mi hear mi son seh 'Daddy?' By the time him mother rush pass me and grab him up we realise seh him have a long chop in him face, him head swell big, him eye dem shut down and him cannot see. We see seh him don’t have on any underpants but we didn’t notice that him [penis] cut off same time.”

The father told The Gleaner that it was when he caught up with his child’s mother at the hospital that he was told about the amputation; news which, according to him, caused him to faint.

The child’s mother, , who admitted to having barely eaten or slept since Friday night, revealed that her son, who she refers to as a hero, was always a strong child.

“Me did have whole heap of problem with him during my pregnancy He was born at 10 months and had to stay in the hospital for another month and odd before mi could carry him home because him did mawga and suck out and the doctor say a head water him did a feed pon. He’s a special child. From dem time deh mi see seh him strong 'cause him overcome that problem and see him come overcome this again. Him is God baby,” she said.

She explained that her son was strong enough to tell her what happened to him and who did it.

According to her, “Him seh Gregory* tell him seh dem a go fly kite and because him used to him he went. Him seh him try rape him but he was fighting back suh him chop him in him head and cut off him [penis].

"It look like him did knock out but the rain weh dew mek him recover and a suh him hear his father’s voice and come out the bush," she said.

"Right now me give God thanks for life. Him alright. Him is a hero. Him strong and a talk and eat. The doctor seh him a go can get children because when he gets older they are going to give him an injection to help him. They said because he’s so young it can grow back.

"Me just don’t like how him a talk like him revengeful. Me don’t want me baby grow and hurt people.”

The police said the teen suspect, who currently has a case before the court after being accused of molesting another boy, is still in custody and is yet to be charged.

*Name changed