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Longing to see mom

Published:Saturday | May 9, 2020 | 12:16 AMVanessa James/Gleaner Writer
Nicholas Renford shares lens with his mother, Vinda Renford.
Nicholas Renford shares lens with his mother, Vinda Renford.

May 10, Mother’s Day, is a special day on the calendar when many people make big plans to spend the day or the weekend with their mothers. However, this year some people may rethink their plans as they would not want to expose their beloved mothers to the rampaging coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Now, an online Mother’s Day celebration is the safest choice for some but there are others, like Nicholas Renford, who will be going to see his mother but under one condition.

Renford explained that he tries to go home to Clarendon for Mother’s Day annually. However, he said that between teaching and performing at events, he sometimes has to skip the celebration.

“I will be going home this year because I have no reason not to, basically, because school is out and I have no projects working on,” Renford said. “But going home this time around is necessary for family time and time with my mother considering everything that is happening.”

With his parents over 60 years, Renford said that they have been staying indoors and following the directive of the prime minister. Renford is taking the necessary precaution to ensure that he does not contract the virus and subsequently take it home with him.

“I am hardly outside, and whenever I am outside I am protected; I wear a mask, and I have gloves, alcohol and sanitiser, I maintain social distancing and take all the preventative measures,” he said, “The only time I would interact with anyone is when I am getting essentials.”

No public transportation

He told The Gleaner that he would not have taken the chance to go home if he had to take public transportation, especially since that would probably upset his mother.

“While my mother would have been happy to see me, she would be upset with me for taking such a risk, as well as I wouldn’t be comfortable knowing that I would be putting them at risk as well,” Renford said.

He considers himself very lucky to be going home as there are others who probably have not seen their parents in a while and have been looking forward to this occasion.

As a special Mother’s Day gift, Renford has written a song expressing appreciation for the love that mothers continue to give to their children. He plans to perform the song for his mother via his Instagram page (@mewziqlover).