Sun | Sep 25, 2022

I won't give up voting virginity to deadwood

Published:Tuesday | November 17, 2015 | 12:10 PM


I always love Michael Abrahams' columns, but his latest issue, 'Vote or shut up!' (Gleaner online, November 17, 2015, was loathsome.

I don't know how supposed intelligent people believe that a choice is selecting one of a few unworthy and unwanted things imposed upon you.

I have never voted and I am 35, and I won't be voting for anyone this term either. I reserve my voting virginity for someone worthy. There is no good politician in Jamaica. Many of them are good as private individuals, but none of them is good as a leader or nation builder.

I don't know that Damion Crawford was good, but I saw him trying to be somewhat different, and look where that got him. I wait to see if he will try the same thing in North Trelawny if he is allowed candidacy there.

Any politician who is afraid to lose power more than he or she is willing to do the right thing cannot be good.

I believe that if we don't turn up at the polling stations, it will send a much stronger message than if we all rush there to vote.

There will come a time when we, the non-voters, the sensible ones, will have a say. That's when we will get our fingers dirty.