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FLOW grouse never-ending

Published:Tuesday | May 16, 2017 | 2:38 PM


I refer to an ongoing matter of erroneous charges by FLOW/LIME for services on a line (LIME - 943-0503) out of service since February 2016 and eventually replaced with FLOW (631-8726) for nearly a year until the original number was restored (fully) on April 5, 2017.

FLOW now purports to claim, as of bill dated April 15, outstanding payments on the non-functioning/replaced line (943-0503) for the period during which it had been replaced. A claim repeated in its current bill of even date, as I paid only for current usage in my last payment to FLOW.

I should point out that a clear condition of receiving the FLOW service as of April 22, 2016 was that all arrears on 943-0503 had to be, and were fully, paid up, in addition to all charges related to installing the new service.

After receipt of both bills, I made contact with FLOW via its CHAT Service. On the first occasion, I was advised by the agent that he would request that the matter be escalated. This second time around, I'm advised that this matter affects 'multiple customers' and I would have, essentially, to await a 'block' resolution, at which time rebates would be made en bloc.

Further, I was 'comforted' that if my service was disconnected, I could easily have it reconnected by merely calling an agent.

I have no intention of making any cash advances to FLOW, so I will again be paying only for usage during the current billing period.

I seek your advice on what type of recourse is available to me, in the event that I am inconvenienced by an improper disconnection of my service.

I am engaged in international development consultancy and am completely dependent on telephone and internet service for my livelihood.

I am led to believe that after more than a year, FLOW- LIME IS yet to reconcile their accounting system. The customer, therefore, faces the threat of victimisation as a result of their inefficiencies.