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'Profile' preserved, Boyne remembered

Published:Sunday | April 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Ian Boyne
Fae Ellington


Ian Boyne's programme Profile was prolific and a main course on the menu of TV programmes on a Sunday afternoon. When critically analysed, Profile brought to its viewers Jamaicans who came from humble beginnings and have triumphed against all the negatives that life had thrown at them. When some would have called it quits, his interviewees showed remarkable determination and perseverance in their quest to achieve.

Many individuals who watched Profile must have come to the realisation that one can achieve success, even though the start may be rough. There are many diamonds in the rough in Jamaica, and Profile has shown that they, too, can one day be polished and be a shining example. Those who are studying and watched the programme would have learnt important lessons about the human spirit, self, ambition, hard work, and focus.

Another attribute of Profile is the empowerment value that can be achieved by listening and seeing the real-life examples that Boyne presented. When an accomplishment can appeal to more than one sense organ, it has a more profound effect. The target group can visualise their own selves, some of whom may have similar starts, and realise that they, too, can become a success, just as those persons who have been interviewed. Boyne's interviewees rose to prominence through discipline and determination, not the fast track that many of us have come to adore.

Thanks to you, Fae, for continuing Profile in its name and same musical background as a lasting tribute to Boyne. I am certain that you will deliver on the educational and inspirational programme that Boyne started.

Carlos Pipher