Wed | Sep 22, 2021

Rapists need to be castrated

Published:Wednesday | July 21, 2021 | 12:11 AM


Jamaica’s number one downfall in relation to crime prevention has been the lack of appropriate punishment for criminals or potential criminals. Children who have been sexually abused or adults who have been raped or sexually assaulted need to have confidence and not doubt in the justice system.

The current system we have encourages false rape accusers along with rapists to have confidence that even if they don’t get away with the crime, that they will not face any serious penalties, especially if they have the money to pay.

Given sufficient evidence of rape or a false accusation of rape, those individuals must be sufficiently be punished. The scars and mental trauma that a rape victim or a falsely accused individual of rape experiences can last a lifetime.

Persons who falsely accuse others of rape out of jealousy, anger, or any form of malice need to be sentenced to at least five years in prison. On the other hand, once there is ample evidence of rape, men who rape women and children for whatever reason need to be castrated.


For rape to cease in Jamaica, false accusers must be punished for wasting the legal system’s time, and perverting the course of justice, and rapists need to be punished not only with time in prison but with the excision of both testicles, or the deactivation of the testes with pharmaceutical drugs by the way of chemical castration. It is time that we take back our country by protecting our law-abiding citizens from being abused by these perverted individuals.

We need to start protecting our citizens from these sexual predators that live among us by sufficiently punishing the monsters that carry out these disgusting acts and discourage those who seek to misuse the law for their own gain by way of false accusations.

The citizens of Jamaica have a right to be protected and can be protected. The appropriate question is, however, “are those who have been given the privilege to lead and protect the citizens of Jamaica willing to do what is necessary?” because, unfortunately, that remains to be seen.