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Car Gadgets to own

Published:Tuesday | September 1, 2015 | 12:00 AMRyan Blake

You've purchased your first vehicle or perhaps inherited one from the family. The car is licenced and insured and you have a full tank of gas, ready to hit the open road. Wait, did you consider purchasing items to enhance your safety or driving experience? No idea what I am talking about? To bring you up to speed, we have compiled a list of safety and tech-savvy gadgets.


First-aid Kit


An accident can occur at any time or place, whether via vehicular collision, at a football match or even a day at the beach. Being ill-prepared for an occasion which requires first-aid attention can possibly worsen the situation without immediate attention. Most first-aid kits are stocked with the essentials to treat minor injuries and prevent infections.


Tyre Pump


With gas stations currently charging for air, purchasing a tyre pump is a wise investment. Having the convenience of pumping air at your home or repairing a minor puncture with Fix-a-Flat is priceless.


Cassette Bluetooth Adapter


If you happened to inherit an older vehicle, the bluetooth cassette adapter transforms your tape deck into a wireless bluetooth receiver. You can stream music, and with a built-in microphone, it provides a hands-free calling solution.


The Coffee Cup Power inverter V2.0


The Coffee Cup Power Inverter, as name suggests is shaped in the form of a coffee cup and fits in the cup holder of your vehicle. It converts the vehicle's DC power from the cigarette lighter socket into two 120 volt DC outlets which are perfect for charging mobile phones, media devices as well as WI-FI hotspots.


Jumper Cable Power Bank


A car battery never dies at a convenient time or location. Having a pair of jumper cables is usually a good idea, but finding a person willing to give you a jump start can be awkward. The Jumper Cable Power Bank is equipped with an internal battery (power bank) and cables to provide a jump start to a dead vehicle. The device also has a USB outlet to charge mobile phones and other small electronics.


iPad Headrest Mount


The iPad headrest mount is the perfect companion for toddlers on long journeys. Mounted behind the front seat's headrest, it is out of the way of troublesome hands and swinging feet. The adjustable strap allows for mounting on any car's headrest.


The Tactical Auto Rescue Tool (T3)


In the event you are trapped in a vehicle after a collision, the Tactical Auto Rescue tool comprises two stainless steel hook blades for seal-belt cutting, a spring-loaded steel tip window punch and an LED flashlight. This tool is relatively inexpensive and will prove to be a lifesaver in a challenging situation.


GoLink i-Pod Cable


Transform your Apple device into a diagnostic tool. Using this cable, along with the app provided by the manufacturer, users can check and reset trouble codes and diagnose problems when the vehicle's check engine light is illuminated.