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SoHo Opens Christmas Closet

Published:Wednesday | November 25, 2015 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin
Attorney-at-law Stacey Ann Soltau-Robinson (right) hands in clothing for donation towards the SoHo Christmas Closet annual event to SoHo's Michele Coulton in December 2013.
SoHo's Michele Coulton and Sharon Barrett organise donations received from customers during the SoHo Christmas Closet annual in December 2013.

GIRLS AT the Home-stead Place of Safety, St Andrew, will again benefit from the SoHo Boutique's Christmas Closet, which kicks off on December 5.

SoHo is encouraging its clients and other members of the public to donate used clothing, to be passed on through the Child Development Agency (CDA), to people in need.

Karen Sankar, manager at the boutique, said persons will have the opportunity to bring their donations in during work hours as it seeks to accommodate as many as possible.

"When we hear feedback from the managers, it's almost as if they can't recognise the girls because they are dressed really lovely, and often, we take these things for granted. The need is great and we are finding our niche to assist," Sankar declared.

"We use this time as a way to encourage our clients, as well as to kick off the season and get their early shopping done, but, at the same time, to remember the less fortunate," she said.

Making reference to the boutique's motto 'It Doesn't Cost to Care', the manager encouraged individuals to adopt an attitude of caring for each other.

"The response has been growing, and, despite the economic pressures that we all face, we are really grateful for the help we have received over the years," she told The Gleaner.

"Our motto says it all. We firmly believe that it should be our priority to care for each other. No matter how small you think it is, the impact will be great. Many of us, we have clothes and other accessories that we have not worn in years, and so we all have a part to play in reaching out to those who have little or nothing."

Rosalee Gage-Grey, chief executive officer of the CDA, said she was grateful, noting that without partnerships, the agency would not be able to meet the needs that exist.

"For children in care, some of whom have no family, we always appreciate the support from corporate Jamaica and other individuals who come on board to give back, especially at this time of year," said Gage-Grey.

"The work we do cannot be done without the partnerships, and, despite the economic meltdown, we have been getting a lot of support and people are still calling, wanting to know where they can contribute," she continued.

"We are still not satisfied with the serious acts of violence being meted out to our children, but I think most people still appreciate the value of caring for our children, and the support, especially at this time of the year, is tremendous."

Members of the public will have until the end of January to provide their donations. SoHo Boutique may be contacted at 925-0245.