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tTech consolidating as premier IT outsourcing entity

Published:Monday | November 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
tTech's heads (clockwise from left, front row) Edward Alexander, Hugh Allen, Christopher Reckord and Norman Chen.

Though as old as business itself, outsourcing has only about three decades as a dedicated business strategy.

This is particularly so in the information era, as companies have increasingly found that outsourcing information technology (IT) helps them gain the benefits of economies of scale by spreading the costs of IT infrastructure and its management across multiple customers and companies.

tTech is Jamaica's first and foremost provider of outsourced IT solutions to businesses. The company is approaching its 10th anniversary, having expanded considerably in both physical size and staff complement over that period. The company seeks to fund even further expansion with an impending listing on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

tTech is the brainchild of experts in the areas of server management, network management, IT security, and applications development and support. The company was founded by Edward 'Teddy' Alexander, a former director and chief information officer of GraceKennedy, in collaboration with other senior IT professionals.

"Our main goals at tTech are to maximise value and minimise cost for our clients, thereby giving them a competitive advantage," Alexander said.

He added that the company achieves this by virtue of smart, effective management of corporate IT infrastructure, and the use of effective business-process applications. These, in turn, help companies manage an increasingly intense and complex flow of information on customers, sales, inventories, cash, receivables and payables, fixed assets and human resources.




In pursuit of these objectives, tTech offers a suite of services, including service desk, which handles troubleshooting and identifying clients' IT issues; managed infrastructure, to keep clients' IT infrastructure running at optimal capacity; IT security; videoconferencing; and desktop sharing.

As an enterprise at the forefront of the evolving IT environment, tTech enables clients to capitalise on the ongoing growth of cloud computing, or the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet - rather than a local server or individual machine - to store, manage and process data.

tTech has responded to the critical need of companies to process and manage information with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The company has grown to embrace clients from distribution, maritime and education in addition to financial services.

Recognising that its customers are its greatest assets and best advertisement, tTech strives, in Alexander's words, "to provide an insanely good customer experience that will make customers be evangelists for our company".