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Passing the torch, Becky Stockhausen leaves AMCHAM

Published:Thursday | December 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Becky Stockhausen (right), outgoing AMCHAM executive director, passes the "Torch of AMCHAM Leadership" to Gail Abrahams, formerly of FLOW, who will take over from her as CEO of AMCHAM Jamaica.

After yet another lobbying effort on behalf of Jamaica in Washington, DC, the most successful business and Civic Leadership gala ever and her 20th anniversary at the chamber, Becky Stockhausen announced in October that she would be leaving the American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica (AmCham).

Stockhausen explained that she had initial thoughts of resigning at the February strategic planning retreat of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce of Latin American and the Caribbean, in Los Angeles, California. It was noted at the meeting that she was now the longest-serving executive director of that association, making her realise that this was her 20th anniversary with AmCham.

"I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead this wonderful organisation all these years, serving under nine presidents, as well as an impressive list of officers and directors, and to have had the pleasure of interacting and matchmaking nearly 200 companies, who are members, for the last 20 years," Stockhaussen said.

She expressed the hope that she has had a positive impact on them and their businesses. She lists among the highlights the opportunity to visit the White House, attending a reception and business meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Charles and receiving The Gleaner's Honour Award in 2003.


new opportunities


"Jamaica and the world are changing, and I'm now very eager to explore other new opportunities and continue to utilise my passion for Jamaica, and the impressive list of contacts I have gained, for the exciting new opportunities that await me," she said.

Having joined AmCham in May 1995, Stockhausen first held the position of manager of the Montego Bay office, under the leadership of Dr Ofe Dudley, the then executive director. Upon returning to Kingston, she assumed the position of public relations officer in 1997 and was promoted to the positions of general manager in 1998, followed by executive director in 1999.

Stockhausen's successful tenure at AmCham will be most remembered for her being the driving force behind the decision of the United States Congress to allow for the first time, in any country, the US Agency for International Development funding for policing activities, and importantly, only for Jamaica, although the bill submitted for permission named a total of four countries.