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Something for everyone this Christmas

Published:Thursday | December 3, 2015 | 12:00 AMDaviot Kelly
Fontana also carries a wide variety of the Yankee Candle brand of scented candles, perfect to light things up this Christmas.
Mugs with comedic slogans and those saluting Mom and Dad are in abundance at Fontana Pharmacy in Barbican.
Fontana Pharmacy staff member Shadae Bingham shows off the various toys based on the hit Disney movie, 'Frozen'.

Fontana Pharmacy is looking forward to the Christmas season, and is prepared to cater to all demographics.

"We are very optimistic, even based on just how November has been with the Christmas sales and the number of people coming in," said Anne Chang, a director of Fontana. "We are very well stocked ... and I think we have a very wide range for everybody, from the baby to grandma and grandpa." She said Fontana had the traditional Christmas offerings like a huge selection of toys, housewares, and comforters.

"But we have a few things that we think will be unique to Fontana." Chang highlighted the children, who everybody shops for at Christmas, showing an array of clothing and toys with such brand names as Tonka, Hot Wheelz and Lego.

"One of the biggest things for children, particularly girls, is Frozen (the popular Disney franchise), and we have everything you can think of for it," she said. "Dolls, stationery, Lego, games, Ipanema slippers, make-up - anything you can think of." Leap Frog toys give an educational slant to the toy options. For the grown-ups, there is great variety of both traditional gifts and office pixie exchange items. Chang noted the kaleidoscope of curtains, an ode to the tradition of fixing up the house for the season. She is also quite proud of their accent pieces, as well as their collection of picture frames.

"That's always super popular for Christmas. People like to make it personal. We have the studio right here. They can do the picture and then come and get the frame for it." Chang also reminded customers they can buy online at

"And if you just buy US$50 (worth of stuff) it's free delivery anywhere in Jamaica."