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Embroidered Items Just for You

Published:Friday | September 11, 2015 | 10:38 AMKeisha Hill
Cynthia Getfield (left) and her daughter, Sharona Green, of CBS Stitch EmbroidIt show their handywork.
Some of the finished products by CBS Stitch EmbroidIt.
From Left; Sharona Green, Britney Getfield and Cynthia Getfield.

The saying "the family that prays together, stays together" is true for Cynthia Getfield and her daughters, Britaney Getfield and Sharona Green, who have combined their talents to operate CBS Stitch EmbroidIt, a successful business catering to personal and custom-made embroidery items.

The business, which was started under a year ago, uses the machine embroidery technique to create patterns on textiles.

"I wanted to give a gift to someone, but I wanted a personalised effect. But the cost associated with getting the item was quite high. It was then I decided to personalise the items myself and afterwards saw the opportunity to turn the experience into a business." Getfield said.

"I went on YouTube and watched videos that taught me how to do machine embroidery. I sewed regularly before that, but only as a hobby, not as a source of income, so I was familiar with how to use a machine, the items I needed to use, and how to use them," Getfield added.

During the Christmas period, the trio had quite a number of clients and then realised it was a seasonal business. By early January, they were already filled with orders for Valentine's Day and on the heels of this came orders for Teacher's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. In between these popular celebrations, the team also received orders for birthday and personal events.

CBS Stitch EmbroidIt personalises items, including cushions, towel sets, blankets, items for babies, and bath mats, which are also packaged with other items for the perfect theme gift basket.

"I hardly have spare time," said Getfield, whose day job is at the Carib Cement Company as an administrative assistant.

Passion for it

"When you love something, you have a passion for it. Depending on the item, I stay up many nights to complete the orders which are done in three days and, in most cases, we fulfill our orders on time," she said.

"We purchase material and stitch them from scratch. Depending on the clients' request, we use different styles and colours to create the designs. We have repeat clients and persons who order from overseas, and we are also happy when our clients give us feedback," Getfield added.

Green, who is a mortgage assistant at Sagicor, is responsible for the promotional and financial aspects of the business. She helps to develop strategies to get persons interested in their product and markets the items to maintain profitability.

"The business is doing well so far. We have had to find the perfect timing for the business. We have our slow periods like any other business, but we are unique, so people gravitate towards us. We personalise these items and make it how our clients want it. In the future, we are expecting to see an increase in profits," Green said.

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