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Hello Mi Neighbour | Mr and Ms Lifetaker, Why do you do it?

Published:Tuesday | May 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM
In this 2010 file photo, newspaper vendor Marvalyn Lawrence grieves over the murder of her son, Omar Barrett, at The Gleaner’s North Street, central Kingston, offices.

Hello mi neighbour! Do people who think and act as though other people have no right to life, really have a right to life? Life is a gift from God - the only life giver. He is the only one who has the right to take life! "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh..."

Seriously 'Mr/Ms Lifetaker', can we add the life we take from others to our own? The life of the innocent man, woman, child? Why then do we take it? What can we do with it? Actually, the taking of an innocent life can shorten ours! Hardly anyone would argue with the notion of taking the life of someone who is trying to shorten the life of an innocent person. But that's another discussion.

One of most asinine acts of any human being is to seek to shorten the life of a fellow being - who poses no lethal threat to anyone. Oftentimes, people seek to take a life because of jealousy or covetousness. It has been like this for thousands of years: Cane killed Abel and Ahab killed Naboth because of covetousness. Ten out of 10 persons who kill another in order to take their possessions, invariably end up 10 times worse off.

The fact is, everyone loses from the shortening of the life of the innocent. Contrariwise, seeking to extend the lives of others can bring much gain to our world. Many of our children killed were potential nurses, doctors, teachers, farmers, police officers, etc. Pshaw! Let's pause to remember the relatives of Dr Richard Field and Dr Lina Bolanos, who were killed in their penthouse apartment in the Macallen Building in South Boston, USA, recently. A great loss to the world indeed. Should the perpetrator continue to live and enjoy freedom?

Had a recent discussion with someone who is incarcerated, and life behind bars is certainly 'not pretty'. One of man's greatest treasures is freedom. Walking, talking, eating, sleeping freely, etc., are privileges many take for granted but whenever lost, one is willing to risk one's very life to regain them. Don't be so foolish and allow jealousy or covetousness to rob you of your gift of freedom.

Help us, Father

Every day people suffer because of acts of felonies motivated by covetousness. A breadwinner who goes out and toils all week for his family is cut down by someone who wants money but is not willing to do an honest day's work for it. The youngster who studied and worked hard to buy a little motor vehicle must make a choice between life and death when someone who knows nothing about the discipline of hard work comes to along wrest it from him/her.

Help us, Father! And ...

"let the rain come and wash away

the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds

held and nurtured over generations.

... Let the warmth of the sun heal us ...

Let it burn away the fog so that

we can see each other clearly.

... Let the warmth and brightness

of the sun melt our selfishness

so that we can share the joys and

feel the sorrows of our neighbours.

And let the light of the sun

be so strong that we will see all

people as our neighbours ..."

- Rabbi Harold Kushner


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