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Linstead councillor appeals for repairs to bridge, major drains

Published:Friday | July 28, 2017 | 4:42 PMRuddy Mathison
In this May file photo, this road which links Linstead to Guys Hill was broken away during heavy rains.

Councillor for the Linstead Division in the St Catherine Municipal Cooperation Herbert Garriques is appealing to the authorities to urgently repair the Victoria Road Bridge in Linstead.

Garriques says the rails of the narrow bridge were washed away by floodwaters during the heavy rains in May.

He says the absence of the rails is a major safety concern, especially in relation to children and motorists.

The Linstead councilor also says attention must be given to drains in the area which have not been maintained in years.

He cites the Puss Gully and the East Avenue and Bennett Lane drains.

Garriques says the structures are the main drains that channel flood waters away from the town.

He points out that sections of Bennett Lane are now flooded at various points, posing serious challenges for motorists.

Garriques is calling for immediate action.