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She knew other spellers were after her title, so Rhonoya she worked harder

Published:Tuesday | September 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Rhonoya Anderson (centre) is hugged by her coach Joy Thompson (left) and mother Cisele Holgate-Anderson as they celebrate her win.
Champion speller from Portland, Rhonoya Anderson from Norwich Primary School.

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1. Rhonoya Anderson, Norwich Primary

2. Javede Rodney, Port Antonio Primary

3. Shanae Bernard, Moore Town Primary and Junior High

4. Arianna Williams, Boston Primary

5. Shamaya Clachar, Nonsuch Primary

Top Boy: Javede Rodney, Port Antonio Primary

Top Girl: Rhonoya Anderson, Norwich Primary

Winning word: A-C-Q-U-I-E-S-C-E

Coach: Joy Thompson

Rhonoya about herself: Ten-year-old Rhonoya Anderson is in grade six. This is her third time winning the competition. As defending champion, she admits that this year, she decided to work a little harder because she knew other spellers were coming to try to take her title. Her summer was not just about studying for the Bee. She enjoyed going to the beach, as well as a few birthday parties.

Rhonoya says that her personality is what is most interesting about her. Her reactions and her verbiage are what her peers enjoy most, and some of them might even say she's funny.

She likes to study, but she also enjoys playing hopscotch, skipping, and reading. A recent book she's read is The Talented Clementine by Sara Pennypacker.

She is also a member of five clubs at her school - 4-H Club, Brownies, Singing, Speech and Spelling Club, of which she is the captain. This year, she is vying for a chance to be head girl of her school.

One of her favourite jokes is: "Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?"

"Because it ran out of juice!"

Rhonoya on winning: "I feel great, elated!"

Coach on winning: "It's a good feeling to win at all times. It wasn't much of a surprise because she put in the hard work, but the feeling is really good."

Fun fact: Javede Rodney of Port Antonio Primary is the champion boy for the parish. This is the seven-year-old's first time entering the competition, and he promises that next year will be his.