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Grandma helped Kesean to prepare for Spelling Bee

Published:Monday | October 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Kesean Ottey
Look what I got! This speller is excited by what he found in his goodie bag after he was eliminated from the competition.
Spellmisstress Marlene Stephenson Dalley saves a child's space in the line during the Trelawny spelldown.



1. Kesean Ottey, Hague Primary

2. Daniel spence, William Knibb Memorial High

3. Davona Samuels, Hampden Primary

4. Journey Evelyn, William Knibb Memorial High

5. Showana Anderson, Wakefield Primary

Top Boy: Kesean Ottey, Hague Primary

Top Girl: Davona Samuels, Hampden Primary

Winning word: N-E-R-V-O-U-S-N-E-S-S

Coach: Tashikia Sinclair

Number of spellers: 22

About the champ: Kesean is nine years old, and he is in grade four.

He says that his grandmother, Pamela Smythe, was an integral part of his preparation, and when she spoke to The Gleaner, she said she was very proud of her grandson.

Kesean's training started in May. He had special assignments over the summer, but everything became more intense when school started, he said.

He enjoys reading, playing football, and track and field. He admits that although he plays football, he not on the school's team. He is a pretty good sprinter, too. His favourite event is the 100m dash.

He loves to read books about the planets, and he thinks the universe is interesting.

Kesean on winning: "I feel happy. I was confident, but I was a bit nervous sometimes."

Coach on winning: "I am overjoyed for our win.

"I am extra happy because it is a boy. He has worked tirelessly. He is a confident speller and he will continue to move forward in this fashion."