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Steve Lyston | 2019: Change within will bring positive change

Published:Sunday | December 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Everybody is crying out for change and debating what kind of change they want to see. Some are talking of political change, others talk about change in the marketplace. Some talk about individual changes in their lives - new personal resolutions and goals. Still, others talk about climate change - all kinds of changes. Over the past 10 years, we have seen a lot of changes taking place, but most of them are negative. What was once considered despicable has now become honourable. The poor are forgotten more and more as the years go by as compassion and care lessen with time.

The global priorities have been turned upside down, and we are heading down a dangerous path; even those coming on the scene talking of change come mainly with deception. The only truly positive changes that have remained and will continue to remain truly positive are the positive changes that take place of heart, mind and lifestyle.

Further to that, our motives, the way we think, and how we function on a daily basis affect even our very environment. So regardless of how much we say about climate change, we will only see the climate change we are looking for when man begins to change. If we keep doing the same negative thing, how do we get positive change?

Regardless of what plans, goals and objectives we have - personal, national or global - if our lifestyle, mindset and heart remain the same, we will not get the positive results we are seeking.




Oftentimes we hear people complain that politicians are not doing anything and that they want better. But how will they get better if they themselves remain the same - having the same heart, same mind, the same lifestyle? They don't attract better because they choose to remain the same. Likewise, people say they want a society without God, so why do they complain when crime, violence and shooting take place?

Some say they want a better security force, but they continue to maintain low wages for security personnel and neglect the people? The society we create is the society we will get. When we build from the blueprint of other nations or with the plans of others, then we will face what they face and get their 'plagues', in addition to our own internal issues. We don't need another wall, we don't need bigger walls, we don't need more prisons, we don't need biometric systems, we don't need RFIDs - we need a heart, mind and lifestyle change.

Implementing systems without God does not stop corruption; all we are doing is passing the plate of corruption to different hands. So, we embrace the same system being passed on to friends and opportunists to continue sharing from the same plate of corruption, and no true and positive change happens.

Oftentimes people create 'new' systems to deal with problems, but all they are doing is neglecting the real issue to be dealt with and ignoring the real solutions. What happens when a person who is broke and in debt continues to do nothing to change it while expecting a change? They will remain in debt while the situation worsens. There are even pastors who want their church to change but remain with the same mindset and the same way of doing business. So they can make all the declarations they want to make, but if they don't change their mindset and how they do things, everything will remain the same.




Every person now has to evaluate him/herself. Everyone must remember that however we treat others, so shall we be treated - what you sow, you will reap. We don't believe in karma, we believe in retribution and seed time and harvest.

Many people have used the power, grace and favour that God has given to them to negatively impact the lives of others. Many are on the street now without food. Some will say it was a business decision. Are you willing to hear those same words said to you in the year ahead? What are you willing to change as you come to the close of the year in order to see a positive change in the year ahead? You have the answer.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.